5 Powerful Trusted Medications for Impotence

Impotence or commonly called erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in men, which is characterized by unable to erect optimally the penis. Not only that, men’s sexual desires that experience impotence will also tend to decrease. If you have this, do not delay to immediately seek the right impotence treatment to restore your sexual function to the Canadian Pharmacy.

What are the options for treatment of impotence?

  1. Take strong medicine

Most men who experience impotence may choose a shortcut by taking strong drugs. Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis include several types of powerful drugs that are allegedly able to make men last long while making love.

Because strong drugs can increase blood flow in the body. This condition will automatically relax the penis muscle while smoothing the blood flow, which makes the erection stronger and longer lasting.

It is important to always consult with a urologist before deciding to take strong medication. Meanwhile, read more to know which ones are more effective, Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. The Canada Pharmacy is the best choice for this.

  1. Consume the right food source

There are several foods that are believed to be good for the treatment of impotence. You can slip dark green leafy vegetables, fruit, grains, fish, and organic meat, in daily servings.

Various sources of seafood have also been known as aphrodisiac foods, namely foods that can increase sexual desire.

  1. Regular exercise

Lifestyle changes in a better direction can, in fact, help overcome impotence. Further explained by Zachary R. Mucher, MD, a urology specialist in Sugar Land, Texas, that regular exercise can prevent impotence as well as being the right choice as a treatment for impotence.

This is because exercise can increase the production of nitric oxide in blood vessels. Nitric oxide works by dilating blood vessels so that there will be more blood supply to the penis. Finally, the erection produced will be much stronger.

  1. Vacuum the penis

The penis vacuum is done by placing the penis into a tube that has been connected to the pump. After being pumped, the blood flow to the penis automatically will be much smoother.

The final step is that you have to move the elastic ring located at the end of the tube to the base of your penis. This aims to keep the blood flowing to the penis strong so that it can maintain an erection.

  1. Testosterone therapy

If the level of testosterone in a man’s body is relatively low, it is most likely that the steps that will be taken by the doctor by doing testosterone therapy. The goal, of course, is to increase testosterone levels themselves so that the erection can survive optimally.